Get Biked

An email list of bikes for sale in New York City.


In order to keep the service as transparent as possible, I wrote a few notes to clear up any questions.

What’s the deal here? Get Biked is a community of people who care about bikes. Each week an email gets sent to the community with a list of bikes for sale. If you’re looking to sell your bike, this helps ensure that your bike will go to a good home. You can read more about Get Biked on the About page.

How big is this community? There are over 1,000 people who care about bikes on the Get Biked email list.

How are bikes selected to be included in the Get Biked list? I personally go through each submission and make sure that the bike description has all of the necessary information to allow a buyer to make an informed decision about it. If you thoroughly and honestly fill out the form, chances are, you’re in good shape.

Is Get Biked specific to one area? Right now the email is only for bikes in the NYC area. There are plans to expand to other cities in the future. Stick around, things are only getting better from here!

What do you do with the emails that are collected on this site? You will definitely get emails from Get Biked if you sign up for the list. But that’s the point! Every Tuesday, an email gets sent to the group with the list of bikes for sale. That’s the only time the email list gets used.

Are you going to sell the emails that are collected? Nope! I respect your privacy as much as I respect my own. I wouldn’t want my email sold either.

Is Get Biked involved in the sale of bikes on the email or website? Nope. Get Biked will not participate in the sale of bikes, it’s simply a service to connect bike sellers to potential buyers.

Then how does Get Biked make money? Still working on that one, chief.

What kind of bikes can I sell on Get Biked? All kinds! I don’t care if you want to sell a $50 bike or a $3,500 bike. There are folks with different budgets on the list, so I welcome all bikes. There is no quality requirement on Get Biked, but you do need to thoroughly complete the (listing)[/list/] form to have your bike added. The only bikes that won’t be included in the list will be bikes with missing, or incomplete descriptions.

Why does Get Biked exist? To connect people who care about bikes with each other. I wanted a “thing” that would show me bikes for sale on a regular basis, so I could passively shop for a new bike. I decided to make that, and it’s taken the form of the Get Biked email and this website.

I have more questions! If you have any additional questions, concerns or general feedback, please send me a (friendly) email at I’m still shaping and updating this project, so I welcome any and all feedback.