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People on bikes are everywhere. You can’t help but notice them.

Some people ride in groups, others prefer solo. Some commute to work, others just bike around. Some are friendly and others are mean. Some ride rich and some ride poor. Some ride slow, some ride fast. Some wear fancy cothes and confusing shoes, while some just wear jeans and chucks.

What connects these people is a sense of freedom and the joy of biking. Biking can help balance your life. It reduces stress and gets you exercising. Riding a bike encourages exploration and the experience of discovering new things along the way: a new neighborhood you would have missed if you had taken the subway, a new coffee shop that you never noticed, or a new friend who shares a common interest.


Biking is a way of life, a healthy way of life. It’s contagious and inexpensive. Once you have a bike, the only cost to get around is your energy. Biking lets you explore and experience a city at your own pace, whatever it may be. In NYC, the incredible diversity of the outer boroughs is just a short bike ride away. New bike lanes are popping up everywhere. The CitiBike program is entering its second season. Biking isn’t just fashion, it’s reliable and safe transportation.

As a child, getting on a bike felt like a whole new world was now available to you. You could go anywhere, anytime, on your own. You can still experience that feeling. Join us in living like a kid again, on a bike.

Biking helps you live local, consume local, and be a part of a community.

Get Biked is expanding

We understand that biking can be intimidating for people. Bikers can sometimes take themselves too seriously, it’s not infrequent to feel talked down to in a bike shop, and it can be difficult to figure out the right bike for you. Once you finally get the right bike, you will need to maintain it. You will want to ride it safely and responsibly. You want to be properly illuminated at night. You need the right helmet and you must protect your bike against thiefs.

That’s why Get Biked is starting an education section. We want to help with all of this. Biking is empowering and we want to help people get comfortable with the idea of riding a bike, safely and comfortably.

We need your help

In our effort to expand our education section, we’re asking for your help. We’re curious about what you’d like to learn. What are you intimidated by, why do you ride, why don’t you ride? Help us by taking our short survey about your experience with biking.