Get Biked

An email list of bikes for sale in New York City.


Get Biked is a platform to encourage people to ride bikes.

Its goal is to make biking as unintimidating and accessible as possible. Bikes are empowering and they, along with the people who ride them, should be celebrated. Get excited about biking and Get Biked!

Get Biked started as a solution to a simple problem. How can someone passively shop for a bike? Wouldn’t it be great if there was a “thing” that existed that would just send you bikes for sale, and each bike would have all the necessary information to make an informed decision on that bike?

That “thing” became the Get Biked email list. It started in October, 2013. Each Tuesday, a new email gets sent to the community with the latest bikes for sale.

As an all-inclusive community, bikes of all shapes, sizes and qualities are welcome. The goal here is to include all sorts of bikers in the community. You don’t need to wear fancy clothes, spend a lot of money, or be a hipster to ride a bike. You just need a bike.

Get Biked is run by Dave Dawson, a dude who likes bikes in New York City.

The main photo used on this site is thanks to the wonderful Bekka Palmer.